My 2017 Resolutions

Every new year I set widely high excpectations for myself but in 2017 I decided to keep it simple. Here are my 17 new years resolutions

  1. care less about what people think
  2. spend more time by myself
  3. have better confidence
  4. be spontaneous
  5. ask for help when needed
  6. to gossip less
  7. start RUNNING
  8. to not say “sorry” when things aren’t my fault
  9. read before bed
  10. work on my relationship with God
  11. try new foods
  12. stop comparing myself to others
  13. drink less coffee/ drink more tea
  14. call my family more
  15. say what I feel when I feel it
  16. stay happy
  17. make 2017 the BEST year ever

Remember every day is a new start and you can make a goal at any time not just new years. Wishing you all a blessed and happy 2017