How to make it through a sick day:(

Whether it’s a cold or the flu, taking a sick day is never easy. Not all of us have the luxury of staying home from work or school when we have a cold…so this is how I make it through a sick day at school.

Wake up @7am- As late as physically possible. Sleep is something very important while you’re sick since your body needs to rest and heal.

Bathroom @7:05am- Using the restroom as well as washing your face with a wonderful morning face wash is very beneficial. Even a small thing like brushing your teeth for an extra minute will make you feel just a little bit more fresh.

Skin @7:08am- When doing my skin care routine I like to keep it fresh and simple. I start with my dual action moisturizer from Clean&Clear and then go in with my Olay brightening under eye cream. You may have large and puffy eyes when you have a cold from lack of sleep and water, and this eye cream really helps me.

Outfit @7:11am-While my lotion and under eye cream is setting in, I like to pick out my outfit. It’s all about comfort to me when I am not feeling my best. Leggings and a T-shirt with a workout jacket and my tennis shoes are my go-to look.

Makeup @7:15am- I start with my all time favorite concealer: Age Rewind by Maybelline. This is great product, because not only does it brighten your under eye area, it also conceals any dark circles you may have. I use this concealer to cover blemishes as well as on my nose to brighten up my face. I set my face with a loose powder from Loreal. Next, I take any white sparkly eyeshadow and put that on the corner of my eyes as well as my nose and upper lip. It’s almost like a highlight but it’s more laid back and easy for everyday wear. Next I take my waterproof mascara from Covergirl and put that on my top and bottom lashes. Mascara is important everyday, but especially when you are sick cause you are constantly sneezing and wiping your eyes… waterproof ensures that it will last all day. I finish with a nice tinted lip balm and my face is ready to tackle the day.

Hair @7:22am- On a sick day my hair is my last worry. I tend to do a high bun or a side braid. Something easy but still cute and up out of my face.

Extra @7:25am- I finish off with an extra layer of mascara and perfume and deodorant. Perfume is essential it makes you feel fresh and just puts you in a all around better mood.

Breakfast @7:30am- I never feel hungry in the morning, but it’s important on a sick day to have some juice or water with lemon. Hot or cold, it keeps you hydrated and eases the stuffiness and congestion. Lemon is also filled with vitamin C, which may make a cold slightly shorter if you get it regularly. Next, you should take your daily vitamins and pack a huge bottle of water with you to school. I eat healthy granola first period, as well as a piece of fruit for my breakfast.

School @7:50am-2:42pm- While at school I try to drink at least three bottles of water and wash my hands regularly.

After school @2:42-10:00pm- It depends on what I have going on that night but if I have dance I will try to go. If my cold appears to be getting worse I will either go and watch or stay home to rest. It’s important to still be active when you’re not feeling your best… sometimes exercise can actually make you feel better. However, sleep is super beneficial to your body. You may just need a night to rest… wait did I just say that??? YES, I did! It’s okay to rest & relax when you are not feeling your best.

Keep drinking water and tea throughout the afternoon and night. Stay hydrated people! Eating a healthy snack as well as dinner is also good for your body; food like bananas, chicken soup, citrus fruits, popsicles, or spicy foods are great! Taking a hot shower or bath while sick is great, as it not only makes you feel refreshed and clean, but it actually washes away any germs or toxins from your body. Getting an early night when you have cold is vital. I like to try to be in bed by 9:30 and read a book or magazine till about 10:00pm. Make sure before you sleep you take any cold medicine and have a big cup of sleepytime tea.

Hope this was helpful(: Feel better if you are under the weather. Just remember slow down and take care of your body first.



Why I LOVE reading


I am a huge book nerd, but I haven’t always been as obsessed with books as I am now.


All throughout elementary school and middle schools books were lame. I never wanted to read; my teachers would have to force me to even read a picture book. It wasn’t until I turned fourteen that I realized how much I loved reading. Books became such a vital part of my life. They made me laugh, they made me cry, and they made me roar with anger. Each book I have read thus far has shaped who I am. I think I have finally came to understand the power of words. Here are some of my ALL TIME favorite books:


Six months later

Thirteen Reasons why

Looking for Alaska

Love in Maine

Out of my Mind

The Book Thief

What Happened to Goodbye

Diary of Anne Frank

Paper Towns

All the Right Places

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Anne of Green Gables

I am Malala