The BEST advice I have ever received



The best advice I have ever received was from my mom many years ago “learn to be okay with spending time by yourself”. That little sentence sounded like awful advice at the time … why would I want to be alone? My whole life I have been pretty outgoing, loud and a people LOVER! I love being surrounded by friends, family, and neighbors all the time. I hated being alone until last year: I realized being alone at times is vital in my life to keep me sane lol.


Curling up with a good book on a Friday or taking yourself out for ice cream is all perfectly OK. Learning to be your own best friend is such an important life skill. As harsh as this sounds nobody is ever going to want something more than you do, and nobody is always gonna be there for you like you are there for yourself. It is all good to take time out of your schedule to have a spa night by yourself or reflect on the past weeks and plan for future events coming up.


I think since becoming my own best friend I have learned how to be a better friend. I know when to give people their space when they are upset, and I know when to step in if something is really wrong. 


This last year just by spending time alone I think I have become more independent. I’m not scared of going places by myself like the pool, gym or target haha. In the long run, in college and in the future, I will thank my mom for giving me such important life advice at such a young age.



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