Coffee Addiction



This is a short blog post about what coffee I get it at what place(: I know all you coffee lovers will enjoy this-


Mcdonald’s- Medium Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee- Only a dollar and contains no sugar

Wendy’s- Small Mocha Iced Coffee- Hits the spot without being too sweet

Tim Hortons – Most people love their Ice Caps but they are not for me…so I tend to go for Iced Latte or an Iced Mocha Latte.

Starbucks – Now the Starbucks coffee I always get when I want to indulge is, of course, an Iced Caramel Macchiato


Now you may notice that none of those drinks are hot coffee because I think it tastes nasty. I much prefer Iced Coffee. But when I’m not in the mood for coffee here are some of the drinks I tend to go for …


Mcdonalds- Small Mango

Wendy’s- Medium Strawberry Lemonade

Tim Hortons- Frozen Lemonade

Starbucks- Tall Green Tea frappuccino no whip or The Medicine Ball


I hope you all try some of these drinks if you do make sure to DM me a picture on my Instagram – Endlesslyhannah

2017 fall bucket list 🍁🎃🌻

Fall is my absolute favorite season… I know I’m so basic. But I thought I had to make a bucket list because I have so many things I want do this fall with friends & family

  1. Have a pumpkin carving competition
  2. Have a fire with all our friends
  3. Throw a Halloween party
  4. Go to party city/ or spirit
  5. Apple picking
  6. Have pumpkin donuts and pumpkin rolls
  7. Have pumpkin spice lattes
  8. Watch 3 Halloween movies
  9. Go on a hay ride
  10. Get apple cider
  11. Go to the Morgan house
  12. Go to a small cafe
  13. Go to a farm and pick pumpkins (included some pictures for when my friends and I visited The Orchard & Co farm last week)
  14. Watch one really scary Halloween movie
  15. Go to a haunted house
  16. Pass out candy on trick or treat night