As soon as I hear that word my stomach drops.

*anx·i·e·ty(noun) a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

It has something I have had to deal with my whole life but has taken a turn for the worst since sophomore year. But now I know how to manage it and I hope anyone who is struggling learns to do the same from this post. I asked on my instagram(Endlesslyhannah shameless self promo LOL) for you lovelies to ask me questions about anxiety. I picked my four favorite ones out of all the ones you all sent in. Enjoy xoxo

#1 Difference between stress and anxiety?

Contrary to popular belief I believe there is a huge difference. According to health status …stress is caused by an existing stress-causing factor or stressor. Anxiety is stress that continues after that stressor is gone. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or even anxious.

In my opinion stress and anxiety feel completely different to my body. When I am stressed my head hurts and I feel like my body is being pulled in many directions. Anxiety has a much bigger impact on my body. I began to shake, my stomach is in my throat, I become quite nauseous, My body feels tingly, shortness of breath and many other physical symptoms. It’s important to be able to differentiate those feelings and identify which you are experiencing.

#2 What is a panic attack?

*By definition a panic attack is the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes and includes at least four of the following symptoms: Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate. Sweating. Trembling or shaking. Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering.

-Symptoms can change based on the person

(Tips for panic attacks include lots of breathing techniques as well as mediation) (:

#3 When to see a doctor about your anxiety?

I am no doctor or therapist but in my personal opinion I believe you should see a doctor when your anxiety starts taking over your everyday life.

#4 Coping strategies for anxiety?

– Medication (If needed)

-Meditation- I am big believer in the 5 minute meditation everyday but you can meditate for longer if you feel particularly anxious.

-4 7-8 breathing

     #1 Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound.

     #2 Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.

      #3 Hold your breath for a count of seven.

       #4 Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

-Imagine the positives of the situation when you’re anxious instead of imagining the negatives. Very hard to do and takes lots of practice.

-THERAPY THERAPY!! Highly recommend.

-Remove self from the situation( IF POSSIBLE) Go to a safe comfortable space. If you can’t leave the situation just imagine you are in your safe place. My safe place would be my grandparents house in Florida or my room(Where I feel most relaxed).

-Take care of yourself when you start to feel anxious

Go for a walk

Pet a furry friend


Watch a funny show or movie

Talk to a friend or family member



Just do something you enjoy(:

I hope this helped. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me(:

Little quotes that have helped me

“So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great”

“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep going that every day”

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”

“I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness”