2018 Resolutions ​


With a new year comes many new resolutions. I thought it would be interesting to share not only my 2018 goals but many of my friends as well… enjoy! Happy 2018!! xoxo

Alexis B-Get over brain seizures and begin driving

Grace S- stop gossiping

Kenna W- take care of skin and teeth

Abby K- read more and go to church

Julia M- learn to love herself more

Rachel K- make more money and work out more

Maria M- get more sleep

Claire D- allowing to make mistakes

Lyssa M- do what makes me happy

Alex B- smile more

Grace B- self-care

Camryn N- work out more

Alex D- read more

Healthy lifestyle- food and working out

Live in the moment

Stop caring

Learn to say NO

Becoming more independent

Pushing myself

Don’t let anxiety control me