With spring break just around the corner, many of us will be traveling all over the world to beautiful places. The main transportation to get to your tropical destination is airplanes.

I have always had major flight anxiety ever since I was little. I love airports and the free peanuts they give you on flights. But being up in the air away from all( maybe not all but most)  connection from the world below makes me very anxious.

Below are some tips to ease your nerves while flying-

*don’t let any anxious thought stop you from traveling the world*

#1 Think about the facts

Remind yourself that the most dangerous part of your travel day is the drive to the airport. Your chance of being in an air disaster is approximately one in three million. While knowing the facts may ease your nerves don’t read up on the latest airplane crashes or the rate of people dying while flying before you step on the plane.


Breath! Breath! I can’t say this enough. When you feel anxious especially in a contained space your breathing tends to become faster. It’s important to listen to your body and slow your breath. Slow, big breaths can help you relax the body, and the mind usually follows.

#3 Distract Yourself

Flying takes up a good amount of time, enough time to work yourself up with anxious thoughts. Before departing, create a small checklist of things you want to accomplish while up flying, and then work hard to check those items off. There are tons of things you can put on your to-do list- read a chapter of your book, draw, do some work/homework, listen to music or a podcast and surf the web.

#4 Erase negative thoughts with positive ones

Now, this skill is hard it takes time, practice and commitment to get rid of all those anxious thoughts filling your brain. “What if we die” or “the plane will crash” those are common things moist anxious flyers state but change those thoughts into “what if we don’t die” or “what if the plane lands safely”. Changing your negative thoughts into more uplifting one’s will improve your mood and drastically decrease your anxiety.

#5 Practice

Of course, this one is harder as flying is expensive and not always needed. But the more you do fly the better you will be at it.

As you embark on your journey remember positive thoughts and following these tips will make your flight so much better.


*Safe travels*