What you NEED in your purse

This is a widely popular tag on youtube but I thought I’d bring this to the blogging world.

I think a handbag could be very helpful but came become a hassle if you are carrying the wrong items…. Here is what you NEED to have in your handbag

#1 Hand sanitizer
The more I become older (yes I am 18 now (: ) I become more and more of a germaphobe. I have realized germs are everywhere!!!! If you decide to grab a bite to eat and have no wear to wash your hands or if the bathroom is out of soap you are prepared with your hand sanitizer. Bath and body sell cute little ones for around a dollar but honestly, I just go with the trusty original scent as some of those fruity ones can give me and my friends headaches… you know who you are (:

#2 Perfume and deodorant
This one is pretty self explanatory nobody wants to smell bad. So be prepared with a travel size deodorant and mini perfume your friends will thank you.

#3 Chapstick AND a lipstick
Chapstick is always a good thing to carry around because your lips can just become dryer than a desert in like two seconds and why I recommend a lipstick/lipgloss is you never know where your outing can take you. A color or shine on your lips can change your beauty and make you seem put together.

Well duh. Bad breath is nasty. Just make sure to hide your gum or all your friends will steal it.

#5 Baby wipes
Greasy skin is not my friend! Some days I need to take off my makeup or cool off after a workout. Baby wipes are also super great for the small messes like cleaning your seat at a restaurant, spilling coffee on your pants or getting rid of deodorant stains. The reason I choose baby wipes is that they are all natural and gentle. They and can be used in many situations, unlike most makeup wipes.

#6 Eyelash curler
Anyone who knows me is laughing right now cause I curl my lashes all the time… that may be a bad thing hahaha. My lashes suck OK!!! But I think they are super helpful.  Instead of applying 20 coats of mascara throughout the day causing your lashes to stick together and look clumpy just curl each lash a few times.

#6 A snack
No purse is complete unless you have a quick an easy snack- granola bar, trail mix anything you love because you never know when you could be hungry, which for me is all the time lol.

#7 Brush, bobby pins and a hair tie
Everything a girl could need for her hair. Tangled hair is not a cute look and you need bobby pins for those fly aways. A hair tie in case you are so over your hair and need to put it up asap. Plus every good friend carries an extra hair tie with her.

#8 Wallet
You need a place to store all your cash and cards as well as gift cards and your license … make sure it can zip or close tightly. Don’t let anyone get into that haha.

#9 Pen or Pencil
How many times have you been somewhere and needed a writing utensil now you are prepared to sign a bill, write a note or sign a form.

What I love about purses is you can really personalize the items you need to carry and they are cute (:

Comment below what bag you have !

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