What I wish I knew in high school



It’s a scary/crazy thing: that moment when you realize that high school is over. I am so beyond thankful for my time in high school. I cherish all the people I met there and all the long-lasting relationships I made. I hope this helps someone who is starting high school or in their last year of it. My goal for this post is for anyone reading this to know… you can always learn something new. I am so excited to start college next year and will take all these lessons with me.

As cliche as that sounds, taking risks is an amazing thing. Audition for the play. Run for student council. Join the cheer team or try out for volleyball. I wish I had become more active in my school by joining as many clubs and teams as possible. Try everything. I truly only regret times when I let my fear get the best of me and didn’t try at all.

You can’t do it all on your own! Ask for help when needed; everyone in your community is there to support you. You will not seem weak in asking for help, whether it’s in a class or a personal issue, you will actually seem strong because you are making the right decision for yourself. No successful high school student did it by themselves.

High schoolers are pulled in many directions: school, work, family, friends, relationships, sports etc… it’s so hard to fit them all in. So, having a balance and managing your time is important in order to find success in all those areas.

You didn’t wash your hair last night or are wearing the same shirt you wore last week nobody will care or NOTICE. Everyone is too worried about what they look like, they aren’t focused on anyone else.

Friends come and go. Relationships end, but your family is always there. Appreciate them while you can before you leave the nest.

Sleep is food for your brain. You need sleep to be able to function especially during this busy time of your life. Lack of sleep makes it very difficult to get along with your family and friends and cause you to do to do bad on tests and cause lack of focus during sports. So please sleep !!

Make new friends and talk to new people. Making friends is an essential part of life and there is no better time than high school to start exploring that skill. Making friends is so fun and you are able to connect with so many more people.

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