Interview with my Grandma

This past Winter break I had the pleasure to spend two weeks in the sunshine state of Florida with my lovely grandparents. Although they live very far from my little town in Ohio, I manage to see them quite frequently. This was my first visit in a while where it was just me and them for fourteen days straight. Lucky them hahaha! Throughout this fourteen day visit, I learned more about my grandparents, especially my grandma, than maybe in my whole eighteen years.

My Grandma Pat always needs to stop at Starbucks if she sees one. She has to stop! She can’t sit down for more than twenty minutes. Grandma also never carries her cell phone which she shares with my grandpa and has to do the crosswords in every paper. Although in her 70’s this girl has never taken a day off. She is the most inspiring hard-working lady I have ever come across in my life. Not only is her style loud and proud, so is she. She one time said to me after a “late” night, actually it was only seven thirty, of eating Chinese food on the couch watching the nightly news, “once you get to my age you just have to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your life.” I loved and admired her for saying that. You have to be comfortable with who you are and stop critiquing everything that is wrong with you and start living the life you were meant to live.

I decided to interview my Grandma because I wanted to know more about her and share how wonderful she is with all of you. I hope you learn something from this and in Grandma Pat’s words, start embracing your life.

What do you struggle with on a day-to-day basis?
I need to use my airway clearance device and it takes time out of my day and I’m always busy!

What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
I don’t know, I’m always pretty forthright with what I want or don’t want.

What have you always wanted to try?
A ride in a hot air balloon!

If you start your own non-profit, what would it be?
I think it would be to help others find a way out of poverty, not just give them aid, but show them how to help themselves.

What are the 3 most beautiful things in the world?
Easy, my husband, my children and my grandchildren. I also love nature and all the beautiful scenery in this world.

What’s the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone?
I would probably like to do more, but I remember driving down the street and handing a person who was holding one of those business signs and giving him my McDonald’s. Also a little old lady trying to buy a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s with a dime she found, so I bought her lunch. I really don’t go to McDonald’s very often!

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

Do you believe in second chances?
Yes, we all make mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them.

Who do you look up to the most? Why?
2 people. My neighbors next door who are in their 80s and are physically active, active with their church and family and are a loving couple. Also my friend Anne, she is a convert to Catholicism and a staunch Republican. She lived in several countries and raised 4 kids in the process. She handles all the Eucharistic Ministers at church and would be someone I would go to if I had a problem.

If you could travel anywhere where would you want to go?
As you know, I have traveled many places and loved them all. I still have many places I would love to see – South America, Canada and many more places in the US. Africa was the most beautiful and interesting place I have visited. I also love all of the architecture, churches and history in Europe.

What’s your biggest regret?
Sounds simplistic, but I truly have no regrets. I have truly been blessed in my life and I thank God everyday for my family and my husband and our life together.

What was your favorite year of your life?
I loved being 25. I was living in Puerto Rico, traveling to the islands, doing a little modeling and we lived in a beautiful place.

Do you regret not going to college?
I did finish 2 years majoring in accounting and business. One year at Northern Illinois University and 1 year at Glendale Junior College when we lived in the Los Angeles area. After that I was always busy raising 4 kids, making several moves across the country as Grandpa was transferred with his company and assorted small businesses. Presently I am a Travel Agent and take clients to all parts of the world. I have a “Girl’s Trip” that I am leading in April to France.

How did you know you wanted to marry Grandpa?
I was so young! I was out of high school and working and dating with plans to go to college after earning enough money. When I met Grandpa, I had no plans for marriage, but as we dated I fell in love with him. He was smart and cute and had a sports car! What more could you want! All kidding aside, it was not unusual to marry young when I did and we say we grew up together and respected each other for who they are.

What’s your hidden talent?
Probably bridge, also racing Porsche’s while living in California!

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