“You’ve changed”

“You’ve changed”

The phrase has been said to me, I’ve said it to myself and have overheard others saying it about other people. I am not sure why this phrase has a negative connotation in my mind. “You’ve changed “ has always seemed like a diss to me until I realized no… I have changed and I am okay with it.

I walked away from high school thinking I had left all my baggage in the past like my mental health issues, my breakup, and my weak girl attitude. But little did I know I carried that girl into the summer and I’d say about the first month of college. It’s kind of hard to let go of the person you once were and leave it all the past. I kept this girl with me and thought it was just someone I had to be. I put on my non-confrontational face and still felt heartbroken of my troubles from previous relationships. For me to stand up for myself and be confident were things I never associated with myself. Things I always wanted to be but somehow never could. The thought of me being carefree would make others laugh uncontrollably. But why? Who said I couldn’t be all those things and more. So I changed to be the person I had always wanted to be. Changed for the better. It was not a flip of a switch it took time. It was not like I needed to change but it felt like something I wanted to do. I always say this phrase to others when we talk about people or things that have changed… “you’re not growing if you are not changing.”

I have grown immensely over this past year. I know so cliche to say that about your first year of college. But to all you incoming college freshman it will happen to you. You’re priorities shift, you care less of what others think, you become more go with the flow, you literally live with another human therefore that teaches you that you can’t control everything that happens. You are surrounded by my new people and a new environment. The college culture is so different compared to high school. You are always being presented with new ideas and new challenges. I have met so many people I would never be friends with a few years back. I have surrounded myself with the greatest group of girls with the best mix of chill and literally crazy haha. Now its not all sunshine in rainbows. I do slip back into that anxious shy girl at times but I have learned how to shake it off and move forward. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life by making small changes in myself.

Change is okay an essential don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I encourage all of you to become the women or man you want to be.

It is possible.