How to find ALONE time in college *its all about meee*

Me me me time

College is hard. I crave alone time, but it’s not always feasible.

Alone time, something I cherish so much has recently gone out the window since coming to college. Let me start by saying if you are about to go to college, soak up all of your alone at home because once you get to college, you are never alone. The social aspect of school can be super exciting but also exhausting.

For someone who craves alone time, it was a big transition to have to live with someone to consistently be surrounded by people…whether it’s eating, studying, showering, or even using the bathroom, privacy is a commodity. It’s a lot to take in. But over my many many many months of being away from home, I have discovered lots of ways you can get some alone time. Having time alone is essential for our SANITY! Trust me, without some quiet moments to myself, I would be a raging bish.

I try to have “mini-me” moments throughout the day. Sometimes that means eating alone (yes, eating alone is OK!), or studying at a table alone in the library…you can find me hiding in the back lol. I also love taking the long way to class (when it’s not 100 degrees). Nothing is better than walking with your headphones in, jamming out to your favorite songs. I am the girl that has her music wayyyyy too loud, so don’t walk next to me unless you’re cool with listening to my jams. Deciding to stay in on a night when everyone goes out so that you can get homework done or just relax chill is 100% allowed. I’m guilty of being lame and taking a night off of going out for my sanity (even though my FOMO is UNREAL). Does anyone else experience extreme FOMO?? I have come to learn you cannot have FOMO in college because everyone will be doing things at different days/times, and you’re never really missing out. Stay in if you need it. Your mental health and your body come before a night at the bar, …but sometimes a night out is maybe what the doctor has ordered lol.

Taking time for YOURSELF is NOT selfish!!!!!!!

Here are little ways I try to incorporate those “mini-me” moments into my day and night…they always make me so happy!

Face masks: I am a facemask junkie, so I plop one of those suckers on and close my eyes. Relaxing is critical for a perfect night in.
Meditate: Idk, is this weird? Doesn’t matter, because I am the biggest fan of it (Headspace app is AMAZING)
Speak your truth: Literally, just say you want to be alone. My friend Rachel, who I am constantly texting/talking, will sometimes text me and be like, “Okay, bye, alone time.” I so respect that and need to work on it. If you have great friends, they will understand that you NEED some alone time.
Treat yourself: Dive into a craving – yes, I do sit in my room and eat five packs of fruit snacks some nights, but, whatever, I’m treating myself!
Paint your nails: I love painting my nails, but HATE (with a burning passion) waiting for them to dry. I try to just turn on a show and chill.
Take a walk alone: Yes, I really do take the long way to class sometimes. Not only do I get my steps in, but walking helps to clear my head. Listening to podcasts is my favorite thing to do on these walks!
Call your mama or an old friend: Thank god for FaceTime because I am a nosy bishhh. Call the people you care about and see what they are up to. It’s a great distraction and allows you to reconnect. It can also be very comforting!
Go somewhere UPTOWN or off-campus: Find a small coffee shop or spot where students will not be. Sometimes it’s relaxing to be away from the hustle and bustle of campus.
-Connect with someone you don’t often see: A lot of times, it’ s not so much that I want to be alone, it’s more that I am with the same people all the time (before you come for me, I love you friends). Meet up with an old or new friend to study or chat on campus. It’s nice to meet new people or catch up with one of your friends from your class last semester, and foster those relationships as well.
Get up early: My friend Grace goes to Starbucks every morning. The girl loves her coffee. She meets her friend there but always goes twenty minutes early so she can have some me-time.
Plan it with your roomie: My angel cutie roommate Sage has all “early” classes (meaning 10:05’s), so I always have the mornings to myself, which I love. I know when she will be back from class or when she’s gone so that I can plan my alone time in the room.

Alone time is essential to survive and thrive in college. I hope this helps and you can find some quiet time by yourself this week.



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