Lets DETOX (from social media)

Ahhh one of my favorite things to do is a social media detox. Now I know the thought of deleting Instagram for a few days may cause some of you to freak but I promise it’s worth it in the end.

With spring break coming up and after these past few stressful weeks I really want to unplug and recharge. What better way to unplug then saying bye bye to your loved social media apps.

I try to do this every few months whether it is four days detox or four weeks. I instantly feel refreshed and more centered in my life. So many people ask how I do this. I admit it is often hard which is so stupid to me to even say that and how I rely so much on social media. But I feel it’s something everyone must try at least once. I encourage all of you to do this over spring break! What better way to recharge then sitting on the beach reading a book not worrying about your phone at all.

Now the only way I can successfully do this social media detox is deleting the apps. Not my accounts but the apps. It decreases the temptation of simply clicking on the app just to see what’s going on. After I feel recharged I re-download the apps and a lot of the times I really don’t want to download them again. It truly is a wonderful experience.

Here are FIVE amazing benefits from a social media detox:

1 -Gain more free time. Spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love or by yourself. Read a book, walk your dog, exercise, paint, journal, color the list goes on and on.

2 -You’ll stop feeling so competitive. No more scrolling through Instagram seeing pictures of perfect girls in bikinis you can just enjoy yourself and your body.

3 -You will never get FOMO because you really don’t know what’s going on. This is a good one haha. Sometimes I get sad or left out when certain pictures are posted on Vsco or Twitter. But without social media those things feelings will not happen.

4 -Your overall mood will improve. Being on technology all the time can make you sad and super sleepy. Without social media, right at your fingertips, you will feel more awake and happy.

5 – You will have more gratitude. Social media can sometimes make you feel ungrateful for what you have and drool over what other people have. It’s important to have these moments where you realize you are so thankful for the life you have.

There are so many I did not include but I hope you all join me and do this during your spring break. (: