How I survived my first semester of college

AHH, there is nothing like sleepless nights before you leave and the last cuddles with your dog on the couch. The last home cooked meal and the last wave goodbye to your house as you move on to start your new life. All those things seem to be gone and forgotten as you move on. But remember those things will never be gone and you get those home cooked meals again, cuddles with your dog and you will see your house again. At first, I thought college wasn’t for me and that I couldn’t succeed here. Those thoughts still consume me but time and time again I have proved myself wrong. It sure hasn’t been easy. Lots of late night studying and missing home but nothing ever good in life came easy. There has been a lot of highs this semester but a lot of lows. My friends like to tell me the lows are just funny memories… I would agree haha. It’s all about making memories and living in the moment. These are moments, days, weeks, months, years we are never able to get back. Once we’re out of college it’s the real world so make mistakes, study hard, try new things because oh so very soon it’s all over. I can do this thing called the college and so can you! College is amazing, hard, stressful, fun honestly there are so many words to describe it and nothing like I have ever imagined. As much as you prepare you really don’t know what it’s like till you get there and that’s okay. That’s why I have created these tips to ease your mind about this big life-changing transition.

Keep your door open- When living in a totally new area away from people you know, it’s essential to find some friends on your floor. It’s so comforting to know you can have friends right down the hall for a shoulder to cry on, extra coffee creamer or just to watch a movie. I am beyond thankful to have some of my best friends so close to me and I could never thank the Dennison girls enough.

Don’t go home- Yes. I said it. I know I am such a homebody telling you not to go home. Shocking! Yes, it’s important to go every once in a while for a break or to see your mom. But whether you like it or not this is your new life. I always tell myself you can’t run home when things get tough. Every time I have gone home this semester I have cried leaving haha …so it’s better just to stick it out here. Plan a few trips home with a friend and for holidays get excited for those but remember to live your life here to the fullest.

Stay BUSY- Distract yourself and get involved. Join a club to fill your time and work hard in your classes. Here in Oxford things to do seem limited but there are so many fun things to do if you try hard enough. Plan a movie night in, go out for dinner, get your nails done or attend a football game. If you stay busy you will think less about home and work harder to create the life you want here.

Healthy habits- This does not only include healthy eating but things your body needs. Exercising, emergency c when you feel sick, vitamins, tea and lots lots lots of water. If you don’t feel your body with nutrients and exercising you will get sick and be unhappy. The freshman 15 is real and yes I have had some sort of cold all 4 months I have been here haha. It happens tot he best of us but eating healthy and staying active could lessen your symptoms or prevent sickness.

Self-care- Self-care and healthy habits can go hand and hand. But self-care includes more things like face masks and painting your nails. It’s important to take care of yourself and look the best you can. Doing self-care activities can reduce stress and overall make you feel more comfortable in your own skin here.

Push yourself- Push yourself to go out, hang with new people, work harder in your classes. College is all about independence and self-determination. No one is going to tell you what to do or how to live your life. You are in charge of creating your own life and picking your own path. Please make sure it’s a good one.

Find some friends- It can be tough freshman year first semester finding your niche or group and that’s okay. You don’t need to stick to one group. Bounce around. Study with different friends goes out with different people until you find people that you feel good around. Friends are so important in college they become your family. It takes a village to do college and you need the support of some friends. Lucky to say I have found some great ones that hope last a lifetime.

College I have heard is some of the best years of your life. I mean really have you ever heard of someone not liking college lol? I can’t wait to spend the next 3 and ½ years here it’s going to be a crazy ride. I hope you all stick around for this journey… I promise you won’t want to miss it.